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Swift Like A Hole

And now, my last contribution for 80s Mashed II compilation. This one I’ve been working on since late last year and I’ve considered this a 80s-vs-00s track since Head Like A Hole is first used in 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine so it barely made the cut by this much. Other than that, I’ve also made an negative version which has Taylor Swift’s vocals mixed with HLAH instrumental which I nearly put on the comp instead of the other but change my mind anyway. So take these tracks below and choose which one is good:

Swift Like A Hole (Positive Version)

Swift Like A Hole (Negative Version)

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I Kissed A Sub-Culture

And now on to the second of three singles from 80s Mashed II compilation and out of the three, this one is the kinda the oldest. You see, I originally made a rough version for The Khaos Network podcast years ago and by the time the podcast ended abruptly, I nearly forgot about this. So recently, I reworked it and give it a improvement over the other version so here it is:

I Kissed A Sub-Culture

I’ll be back tomorrow for the last single of the compilation so enjoy the track.

UPDATE: I have an alternae version of the single which is identical but with a few differences so if you wanna compare and such, the link is below:

I Kissed A Sub-Culture (Alternate Stereo Mix)

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Old Time Burning

First of the three singles lifted from 80s Mashed 2 compilation. Also include here is a “Stop Mashing Sense” version of Are You Gonna Go Psycho? which imagines a live performance between Kravitz and Byrne (note that it’s OOK) so click those two tracks below and have fun with it:

Old Time Burning

Are You Gonna Go Psycho? (Stop Mashing Sense Version)

I’ll bring in two more singles from tomorrow and the following day but if you want a early peek of it. Check out the 80s Mashed 2 website at

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Come To Madagascar

This idea has been made for a year and the reason I didn’t finish it until recently is because I have lot of things going on. I’ve now finished it and you can check it out in the following MP3 link – Come To Madagascar

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Mash Like Teen Spirit (8-Track EP)

Hey, I’m back. While I was sick last week from a bad case of flu and asthma, I was supposed to release few singles but me being bed most of the week prevented that. I’m now better and probably save those singles for the next post so instead, I’ve released a 8 Track Compilation EP called “Mash Like Teen Spirit” (formerly known as “Rage Against The Lite Age”) which includes tracks by myself, G3RSt, Oki, Hawkins, DJ Useo, DJ BritBoy and The Bedtime Sisters and is a concept piece involving 90s music mashing with each other. I’ve released in two forms and one is a ZIP file containing all the tracks here…

And if you wanna check any of the eight tracks then here’s the alternative link…

I like to thank those 6 (or 7 since there’s The Bedtime Sisters) for contributing for the compilation and hope to bring my set of tracks in a shorter time.

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ETK 2011 3-Pack

Hey, I’m back from my time of busy timing (unless you checked GYBO) so here’s three times the songs…

First up is the one that made me won a GYBO Weekend Challenge where you get to be a King for a week and released his/her set of acapellas, instrumentals and multitracks. This one is actually made back in 2009 so there’s few more of these on the way so enjoy “The Three Lies Of Buddy Holly”…

The Three Lies Of Buddy Holly

The second one is also a GYBO Challenge track but this one is Version 2 where the vocals are in place as I’ll give you “Digital Woman” (and I was gonna release this on the premiere week of Tron: Legacy but delays involving christmas involved)…

Digital Woman

The third is a premiere track and involves The Beatles mellowing down and having a imaginary session with one of California’s Alternate Rock Bands so enjoy this collaboration the rips the space/time continuum of musicology with “She’s Driving Home”…

She’s Driving Home

I’m gonna release three more tracks (and there’s no delays on this) along with a Compilation EP involving the decade of 1990s music battling itself. So enjoy this one and I’ll see you next week.

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Fucking Prankster (April Fool’s Edition)

I’m in a rush so here’s my “April Fool’s Edition” of my new track called “Fucking Prankster” which has the Offspring’s “Original Prankster” (with my own vocals involved) mixed with Lily Allen’s “Fuck You”. This track and “Undisclosed Fairness” will be soon altered in my work-in-progress Lily Allen EP which is a tie-in to the “Cool Kids” project I’m still working on (I’m on the writer’s block at this but made other boots at that time) so I hope this should cheer you laughter up:

In other news, I’m in the progress of compiling the “Frenchtastic” compilation which contains 16 old tracks and 14 unheard ones (with two already heard as bonus tracks) from several French mash-up artists and it should be arriving hopefully next week so now let me finish it up and enjoy your april fool’s day as well as Easter, seeya.

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The Khaos Network #05 (and New Single)

Hey ETK Fanatics, a new Khaos Network is released and this time… It’s all in the Ghetto as we see Mashups from the East to the West Coast. With tracks produced by Elocnep, ToToM, DJ Not-I and even me amongst few others. It’s not what you expect since I made this in NYE Party (with an intro by my home brother Knox). The whole podcast can be downloaded at and the tracklist is over at

And A Special Treat (Unless You Checked Out GYBO Weeks Before This Post), a new single where Lily Allen sings over Muse’s backing track. It’s obviously called “Undislosed Fairness” so check this track (amongst other ETK classics) at my fairtilizer channel so until then, seeya later

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Hollow-Tween Jonks II: The Condensed Edition

Mini Cover

Hey There Yet Again (few minutes earlier, I’ve posted my podcast so there) and here’s an long-awaited sequel to last year’s EP released – Hollow-Tween Jonks II: The Condensed Cut. Now the reason I’ve posted my condensed version of it is that there’s two tracks not released at this point of time and I’ve may released “The Final Producer’s Cut” sometime next year. This EP has two finished tracks, one demo and an outtake track. Here are the points:

01) Oingo Boingo vs The Rapture- “Weird Rapture”

Mixing an classic 1985 soundtrack hit with The Rapture’s Dance-Punk classic (even though there’s key issues but I’ve ain’t changing it), I’m pretty proud at this job when there’s such mash-up involving “Weird Science”.

02) Radiohead vs Barry Adamson- “Nude Sunset In Hollywood”

This one was made during the “Everybody Against Marilyn Manson” sessions and another piece of “Lost Highway” soundtrack (anybody remember “Fred’s Final Statement” on the first HTP EP) and though it’s short, it was an good journey doing that.

03) Lily Allen vs Aphex Twin- “Come To Lily”

DEMO TRACK (Soon To Be Replaced In 2010). Thanks To My Old USB being dead, This version is left unfinished and remained an demo until my USB is either fixed or not.

04) Opus III vs Fantomas- “It’s A Fine Fear”

OUTTAKE TRACK (Also Soon To Be Replaced). This Short tune has Opus III’s pella mixed with Mike Patton’s band’s cover of an classic Cape Fear tune. I’m not sure it’ll be a good idea but I blame myself for The USB disaster.

So there’s the link ( and hopefully you’ve enjoyed my first issue version.

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The Khaos Network #4 (Hollow-Tween Jonks II Special UPDATE)


Hey There Again, I’ve uploaded an special devoted to Hollow-Tween Jonks II (which is released today in a few moments) so other than my mixes and several classic mashes by ToToM, Qubic, LeeDM101 and more (and one new bit from DJ Useo). there’s nothing else really. The podcast can be downloaded at or stay tuned for the EP itself happening in a few moments time.


UPDATE: I’ve uploaded the info tracklist and the link can be seen here:

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