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The Khaos Network #3 (Under 40 Minutes Edition)

Episode 003 CoverHey, I’m back to roam the earth with a new episode of “The Khaos Network” where Korn exchanged Nu Metal for Disco, Marilyn Manson is going back to the ghetto (see ToToM’s BootWards), Black Eyed Peas is floating on in Indie music and Freddy Mercury finally unite with Steve Tyler in the most awesome mash-up I heard this year. Note that’s under 40 minutes long and none of my musical products shows up. Another note is that The Khaos Network is taking a short break until later this year for few themed shows including “The Best & Worst Of The Y-Generation Mashed” special.

Get the podcast at:

As For The Liner Notes:

And in case you’ll something in the cover doesn’t mean I’m about to join “The Church Of The Sub-Genius” but I’m fond about it (though I’m probably stay Catholic in my lifetime) so until I’m mastering my “Album Project” and see If I can finish up “Hollow-Tween Jonks II”. This is me sleeping on my own job… zzzzz.

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