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Fucking Prankster (April Fool’s Edition)

I’m in a rush so here’s my “April Fool’s Edition” of my new track called “Fucking Prankster” which has the Offspring’s “Original Prankster” (with my own vocals involved) mixed with Lily Allen’s “Fuck You”. This track and “Undisclosed Fairness” will be soon altered in my work-in-progress Lily Allen EP which is a tie-in to the “Cool Kids” project I’m still working on (I’m on the writer’s block at this but made other boots at that time) so I hope this should cheer you laughter up:

In other news, I’m in the progress of compiling the “Frenchtastic” compilation which contains 16 old tracks and 14 unheard ones (with two already heard as bonus tracks) from several French mash-up artists and it should be arriving hopefully next week so now let me finish it up and enjoy your april fool’s day as well as Easter, seeya.


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