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Mash Like Teen Spirit (8-Track EP)

Hey, I’m back. While I was sick last week from a bad case of flu and asthma, I was supposed to release few singles but me being bed most of the week prevented that. I’m now better and probably save those singles for the next post so instead, I’ve released a 8 Track Compilation EP called “Mash Like Teen Spirit” (formerly known as “Rage Against The Lite Age”) which includes tracks by myself, G3RSt, Oki, Hawkins, DJ Useo, DJ BritBoy and The Bedtime Sisters and is a concept piece involving 90s music mashing with each other. I’ve released in two forms and one is a ZIP file containing all the tracks here…

And if you wanna check any of the eight tracks then here’s the alternative link…

I like to thank those 6 (or 7 since there’s The Bedtime Sisters) for contributing for the compilation and hope to bring my set of tracks in a shorter time.


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