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Swift Like A Hole

And now, my last contribution for 80s Mashed II compilation. This one I’ve been working on since late last year and I’ve considered this a 80s-vs-00s track since Head Like A Hole is first used in 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine so it barely made the cut by this much. Other than that, I’ve also made an negative version which has Taylor Swift’s vocals mixed with HLAH instrumental which I nearly put on the comp instead of the other but change my mind anyway. So take these tracks below and choose which one is good:

Swift Like A Hole (Positive Version)

Swift Like A Hole (Negative Version)


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I Kissed A Sub-Culture

And now on to the second of three singles from 80s Mashed II compilation and out of the three, this one is the kinda the oldest. You see, I originally made a rough version for The Khaos Network podcast years ago and by the time the podcast ended abruptly, I nearly forgot about this. So recently, I reworked it and give it a improvement over the other version so here it is:

I Kissed A Sub-Culture

I’ll be back tomorrow for the last single of the compilation so enjoy the track.

UPDATE: I have an alternae version of the single which is identical but with a few differences so if you wanna compare and such, the link is below:

I Kissed A Sub-Culture (Alternate Stereo Mix)

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Old Time Burning

First of the three singles lifted from 80s Mashed 2 compilation. Also include here is a “Stop Mashing Sense” version of Are You Gonna Go Psycho? which imagines a live performance between Kravitz and Byrne (note that it’s OOK) so click those two tracks below and have fun with it:

Old Time Burning

Are You Gonna Go Psycho? (Stop Mashing Sense Version)

I’ll bring in two more singles from tomorrow and the following day but if you want a early peek of it. Check out the 80s Mashed 2 website at

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