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The Khaos Network #05 (and New Single)

Hey ETK Fanatics, a new Khaos Network is released and this time… It’s all in the Ghetto as we see Mashups from the East to the West Coast. With tracks produced by Elocnep, ToToM, DJ Not-I and even me amongst few others. It’s not what you expect since I made this in NYE Party (with an intro by my home brother Knox). The whole podcast can be downloaded at and the tracklist is over at

And A Special Treat (Unless You Checked Out GYBO Weeks Before This Post), a new single where Lily Allen sings over Muse’s backing track. It’s obviously called “Undislosed Fairness” so check this track (amongst other ETK classics) at my fairtilizer channel so until then, seeya later


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