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Hollow-Tween Jonks II: The Condensed Edition

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Hey There Yet Again (few minutes earlier, I’ve posted my podcast so there) and here’s an long-awaited sequel to last year’s EP released – Hollow-Tween Jonks II: The Condensed Cut. Now the reason I’ve posted my condensed version of it is that there’s two tracks not released at this point of time and I’ve may released “The Final Producer’s Cut” sometime next year. This EP has two finished tracks, one demo and an outtake track. Here are the points:

01) Oingo Boingo vs The Rapture- “Weird Rapture”

Mixing an classic 1985 soundtrack hit with The Rapture’s Dance-Punk classic (even though there’s key issues but I’ve ain’t changing it), I’m pretty proud at this job when there’s such mash-up involving “Weird Science”.

02) Radiohead vs Barry Adamson- “Nude Sunset In Hollywood”

This one was made during the “Everybody Against Marilyn Manson” sessions and another piece of “Lost Highway” soundtrack (anybody remember “Fred’s Final Statement” on the first HTP EP) and though it’s short, it was an good journey doing that.

03) Lily Allen vs Aphex Twin- “Come To Lily”

DEMO TRACK (Soon To Be Replaced In 2010). Thanks To My Old USB being dead, This version is left unfinished and remained an demo until my USB is either fixed or not.

04) Opus III vs Fantomas- “It’s A Fine Fear”

OUTTAKE TRACK (Also Soon To Be Replaced). This Short tune has Opus III’s pella mixed with Mike Patton’s band’s cover of an classic Cape Fear tune. I’m not sure it’ll be a good idea but I blame myself for The USB disaster.

So there’s the link ( and hopefully you’ve enjoyed my first issue version.


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The Khaos Network #4 (Hollow-Tween Jonks II Special UPDATE)


Hey There Again, I’ve uploaded an special devoted to Hollow-Tween Jonks II (which is released today in a few moments) so other than my mixes and several classic mashes by ToToM, Qubic, LeeDM101 and more (and one new bit from DJ Useo). there’s nothing else really. The podcast can be downloaded at or stay tuned for the EP itself happening in a few moments time.


UPDATE: I’ve uploaded the info tracklist and the link can be seen here:

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