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(SIN-01) Rock The Karma

Hey folks, I’ve just upload an new mashup with a difference. This mashup (which is previously heard on my debuted episode of The Khaos Network) features Queen’s classic anthem “We Will Rock You” with Jaydiohead’s “No Karma”. Now, before you say who the f#$k is Jaydiohead… the following explaination is located here at and it will hold answers. Now the link is located here at:

Note that this site is for single mashup releases only but I’ll upload the song at my usual mediafire section soon. Not only that, I’ve also got a new reconstructed mashup of The Beatles “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” with Billy Connolly as the fifth beatle and you can find it at Tuned To A Natural E volume 6 for now (that song will be added on mediafire as well so please support those guys while you google for the free-for-all two-disc sensation that’s released just last week). So until I have another episode of TKN coming up, it’s seeya later for now 🙂


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The Khaos Network #01 (New Podcast)

Episode 001 Cover

Hey Wassup, I’ve just the first episode of monthly podcast full of last month’s mashup releases (with few others) all seque to one another in an almost one-hour mix of love, hate and absolute mayhem. Note that only three tracks are done by me (One old, two new) as well as songs by Adrian & The Mysterious D, MP3J, DJ Gaston, Audio Hacker and few others.  The full notes and tracklist can be downloaded here in RTF Format:

As for the whole podcast, l’ll give u a link here (note that it’s 80mb long):

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The Khaos Collection (Plus Few Things To Talk About)

Hey, I’m Back from my short break (I got a crummy job and still working at this point) to give you some good news and bad news. The Good News is that I’m done with The Khaos Collection and almost done with the first episode of my monthly podcast as well as working on a secret “compilation” focusing on one artist against the others (only few others like Team9, ToToM, Divide & Kreate and few others knew) so be patient about what’s going to happen. The bad news is that my yet-untitled album is on hold (possibly indefinitely) and Countdown To Khaos project is definitely cancelled. BTW, I made an new key system that might in tribute to Factory Records and few others that had their catalogue:

ETK – Part of an EP series

SIN – Part of Singles

KHAOS – Something Else

This also means I’m about to introduce you to The Khaos Collection.  This collection of four ETK EPs (formerly an compilation album) remastered in 320kbps format with a couple of changes in the compilation as well as an additional EP. Here’s the tracklist for each EP:

[ETK-01] Everybody Against Marilyn Manson EP
01 My Gun Bleeds Your Vampire [Pixies vs Marilyn Manson]
02 Martyr’s Evidence [Depeche Mode vs Marilyn Manson]
03 Eat Me, Drink Me, Nude Me [Radiohead vs Marilyn Manson]

[ETK-02] So You Think You Can Dance-Punk EP*
01 Let There Be Superstition [Justice vs Stevie Wonder]
02 Ideal Lobotomy [Digitalism vs Ramones]
03 Ready For Sexx Flaws [Hot Chip vs Beck]

[ETK-03] Hollow-Tween Jonks EP**
01 The ‘Priest’ With A Quick Fix (Abridged And Edited) [Ministry vs William S. Burroughs ft Kurt Cobain]
02 Elm Street Creep [Radiohead vs DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince]
03 Fred’s Final Statement [Angelo Badalamenti vs Tangerine Dream]
04 The Eye Of Americans (Volume 4 Version) [The Smashing Pumpkins vs David Bowie]
05 Heroes (Mind Over Murder Remix) [David Bowie]

[ETK-04] Beat The Beatles EP***
01 Blackbird’s Wings (An Tribute To Heath Ledger) [The Beatles vs Gustavo]
02 Eleanor Made It [The Beatles vs Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park]
03 Am I The Surlaw? (Real Stereo Mix) [The Beatles]
04 Garden Dancing (Version 1) [The Beatles vs Paul McCartney]
05 When I’m Satisfied (2008 Demo) [The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones]

Here’s the link to the Khaos Collection:

* Note That This Condensed Version Omits One Track “Blue Stress” due to key/tempo issues.
** Note That This Version Replaces “An Hurtful World” with “Heroes (Mind Over Murder Remix)” and this EP is incorrectly titled as “Codensed Version” meaning I won’t upload it again so ignore this part.

*** This Additional EP has the best/worst of my mashups involving The Beatles. Despite the good (Blackbird’s Wings), the ones with key/tempo issues (Eleanor Made It & Garden Dancing) and the strange (Am I The Surlaw?), this contains an additional Demo track that might be liked or hated. BTW, Sorry about the EP title since all the good ones are taken.

So until I’m about to release the podcast. It’s aloha to this guy from downunder.

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