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ETK 2011 3-Pack

Hey, I’m back from my time of busy timing (unless you checked GYBO) so here’s three times the songs…

First up is the one that made me won a GYBO Weekend Challenge where you get to be a King for a week and released his/her set of acapellas, instrumentals and multitracks. This one is actually made back in 2009 so there’s few more of these on the way so enjoy “The Three Lies Of Buddy Holly”…

The Three Lies Of Buddy Holly

The second one is also a GYBO Challenge track but this one is Version 2 where the vocals are in place as I’ll give you “Digital Woman” (and I was gonna release this on the premiere week of Tron: Legacy but delays involving christmas involved)…

Digital Woman

The third is a premiere track and involves The Beatles mellowing down and having a imaginary session with one of California’s Alternate Rock Bands so enjoy this collaboration the rips the space/time continuum of musicology with “She’s Driving Home”…

She’s Driving Home

I’m gonna release three more tracks (and there’s no delays on this) along with a Compilation EP involving the decade of 1990s music battling itself. So enjoy this one and I’ll see you next week.

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