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The Khaos Network #02

Episode 002 Cover

Hey again, the second episode to my podcast is lately released (lately because I suffered from non-Swine flu for few weeks). This one has totom, madmixmustang and more. The whole who’s who and what’s what is in the liner notes at

The whole 80-ish megabyte can be downloaded here at

Note that this podcast has a minor mistake – I’ve uploaded the “wrong” version of my newly-done mashup “Battle For The Zombie Nation” accidentally and can’t be bothered to replace the “right” version. But I will release the right version by October on my planned sequel to Hollow-Tween Jonks EP.

On another note, There won’t be an Khaos Network podcast on September because I’ve planned to make an project that may last two whole months (this and August) so the fourth episode will be october or november.


UPDATE: The “mystery project” is almost done with two songs I’m working on so the release might still be in September or October by the looks of it. And thank you to DJ Bynar for correcting an minor mistake on the liner notes (it was DJ Gizmo who made the Bon Jovi vs MC Hammer mash and not Bynar so sorry) 🙂

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